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This is your chance to let a child know you care. For $25 per month, or a one off donation of $300, you can be responsible for giving a child an opportunity that will change their life. It costs us $300 to put each child through our program, where they will receive cricket coaching three days per week, two tuition classes a week, as well as stationery, a uniform and suitable footwear. 




Tuition and


= $300 NZD per child, per year or just $25 per month

"I'm a real estate agent, so I saw an opportunity to be able to contribute $300 for every house I sell.


I saw it as an obligation to add an element of goodwill to my business and being able to help others who aren't as fortunate provides children with an opportunity to grow as individuals.


Having the ability to contribute financially to the Cricket Live Foundation through their 300 Club has given my business additional purpose."


Micky Limmer

Harcourts Grenadier, CHCH, NZ

To me, selling houses is only a fraction of what I perceive my line of business to be.


Being able to help others who aren’t as fortunate as me gives me enormous pleasure.


As a result, I decided it was time for me to add another dimension to my business, and share my success with those who need it the most. For every house I sell, I’m proud to be able to provide an opportunity for a child to join the Cricket Live Foundation through the 300 Club.


Jonny Nicholls

Harcourts Grenadier, CHCH, NZ

The Christchurch Boys High School Cricket Club is pleased to be a member of the Cricket Live Foundation 300 Club. 


A number of our players have been to Sri Lanka, and have seen what life is like for the less fortuante. We consider ourselves very lucky to have the facilities, resources and coaches available to us and want to help provide this same opportunity to those in Sri Lanka.


I have spent time with the Foundation in Sri Lanka and can't speak highly enough of it.


Matt Parr

CHCH Boys High School

If you want to pay directly into our NZ Bank Account or set up a monthly Automatic Payment, our account number is: 02 0874 0299939 00. Please email us once you have set up your payment and we will add you to our membership list.

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