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I always say that we are responsible for the world that we live in today. We have the ability and the capacity to make the world a place that we are proud of. 


There's much about today's world that I am not proud of. Open the newspaper or look on the internet and it often doesn’t make for pretty reading.


We use Cricket as a vehicle to inspire, motivate and develop the life skills of underprivileged children in Sri Lanka and soon to be, India and Bangladesh. 


We teach the values learnt through sport; Teamwork, Respect, Discipline, Time Management and Nutrition, to develop community leaders fit to change the world.


We love to work with businesses to help develop exposure and profile overseas in important developing markets, and change the world for the better at the same time. 


We are proud to share our vision with like-minded individuals and businesses and recognise the huge impact we can make, together. 


With you, we can make a difference. With you, we can begin to solve the world's social issues. With you, we can bring smiles to the faces of those who don’t know how to smile. 


Together, we can leave our legacy on the world we live in today and be proud of it. 


I hope we can share this exciting journey together. 


Many thanks,


Alex Reese

Founder | Cricket Live Foundation


Children need guidance, friendship and continuous support as they grow up. Being a Leadership Sponsor allows us to provide our children with life changing leaders in their lives. Our coaches act as role models, mentors, teachers, fathers, friends and of course, quality cricket coaches. Sponsorship at this level will allow us to pay a coaches salary for a year.


Our Team leader Jayantha, says, "I have learnt the most valuable life lessons since working for the Cricket Live Foundation. Earlier, if a child did something wrong, I would tell them off. Now, it is simple. We just need to show them that they are loved. I give my life to this programme."


Our children are our champions. By becoming a Champion Sponsor, you are giving our kids a childhood to remember.


We realise the importance of ensuring all of our children are fit and healthy in these crucial years of their lives. Sponsorship at this level will ensure we can put all of our children on a unique nutrition programme, including a post training snack, daily milk packets and regular nutritional education for them and their families. 


We know that to make a difference and a real impact in this works, we need to share our journey with those who have the same vision, values and drive as us. We understand that the satisfaction and feeling of goodwill received from making this impact and changing lives all around the world, may not be enough in terms of a return on sponsorship. This is where we will help.


We will be proactive in developing your company brand, image and reputation throughout New Zealand and across the globe as a way to say thank you for supporting us. This will be in the form of regular networking events, social functions, the display of your logo and material at all events and if relevant for you, hosting you in Sri Lanka and India with us for a sport and business road show.


To ensure we are maximising your exposure for your support, we will commit ourselves to a face to face meeting with you every other month.


We look forward to a relationship with you where we can help each other to change the world for the better. 

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