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Helping the poor is not a choice; it is mandatory.

Merrill J. Fernando - Founder
MJF Charitable Foundation


Merrill J. Fernando Charitable Trust

The success of anything in life is determined by those who you surround yourself with.


We are so fortunate to be working in partnership with the MJF Foundation in Sri Lanka. The MJF Foundation was established by Mr. Merrill Fernando, Founder and Chairman of Dilmah Tea. 


Please take the time to watch the video about the MJF Foundation and the insirational work they do all around Sri Lanka.




Tata Trust Colour Logo.png

Tata Trusts

Tata Trusts are our Indian in-country partners. Working with Tata Trusts has allowed us to deliver our programs in Mumbai, for local boys and girls since December 2017.


Tata Trusts continue to be guided by the principles of its Founder, Jamsetji Tata. With the Founder’s vision of proactive philanthropy and his approach to ‘giving’, the Trusts catalyse societal development while ensuring that initiatives and interventions have a contemporary relevance to the nation.


The Sir Richard Hadlee Sports Trust is a non-profit charitable trust established by Sir Richard Hadlee in August 1990, immediately after his retirement from a professional cricketing career.


The trust plays an important role in the community by assisting young individuals in Canterbury, New Zealand, where hardship prevents them from fulfilling their cultural or sporting endeavours.


The mission of the Sir Richard Hadlee Sports Trust is to support individuals under 25, who are in hardship or in need of assistance, to participate in their various disciplines, giving them the opportunity to improve their sporting or cultural performances.

The Sir Richard Hadlee Sports Trust

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